What does the ultimate love life look to you?  Does it include romance, sex, walks on the beach or watching movies at home?  Going through the everyday grind can be challenging.  You have to make time to include the things that build a relationship.

Lasting couples have things in common with each other.  Relationships require two people spending time with one another.  It takes time to get to know someone.  Truly, you can fall in love/lust very quickly.  For a relationship to last you must discover the things you have in common.  Finding out if you both enjoy theater, movies, bowling or the opera can be fun.  Once you find out what you like then spend time together by doing those activities.  

Activities can be simple.  You can enjoy time together by walking in the park on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  If you’re a foodie, plan and go to a new eatery together.  Try a local restaurant that will let you bring your own wine and enjoy the scenery.  

Making time for one another is very important.  If you want your relationship to last one good thing to do is spend excellent quality time with one another.  Oh, one last thing-put the phone away.


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